Patient Testimonials

Our patients talk about their experience.

I love using Dr. Barham! They make you feel at home. Dr. Barham is very kind and backing him up is a wonderful staff! Melody cleans my teeth and she is great. I can always call his front desk girls and they are so helpful with my insurance, payments or any concerns I may have. My whole family uses Dr. Barham!

Evelyn T.

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I just wanted to say a little something about my dentist… I spent a lot of time with Dr. Barham and his staff while getting my teeth crowned and I just wanted to comment on how wonderful they all were. Very patient and kind!

Susan L.

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I would like to share my experience with oral sedation. I have a very high fear of the dentist and I also have TMJ. I needed a crown badly on a top tooth on the very back. If you have ever had TMJ you would know how hard it is to open very wide without pain. With oral sedation and the caring nature of Dr. Barham & his staff, I was very much at ease. He made sure I got a good nights rest the night before the procedure. The next morning as soon as I got there they gave me gas (which relaxes you), they gave me some medication to take to sedate me. My nurse covered me with a blanket to keep me warm then she connected me to a monitor which monitors your blood pressure and your SpO2 levels. They keep a wonderful check on me. All I remember is them putting a bite block in my mouth. The next thing I remember is walking to my car with my husband. I would very much say you don’t have to be afraid when you get oral sedation. I highly recommend it.

Ann B.

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